Pastor Warren’s 6 Principles for Hermeneutics

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1. You need faith and the Holy Spirit to interpret Scripture.

2. The Holy Bible is its own best commentary – cross reference.

3. Read the Old Testament with the New Testiment in mind. (And vice-versa) The New Testament is hidden in the Old Testament, while the Old Testament is revealed in the New Testament.

4. Always interpret unclear passages in light of the clear passages.

5. Don’t base doctrine solely on one historical event. [narratives teach lessons] Use doctrinal passages for basing doctrine on.

6. Never interpret Scripture on your own experiences: Scripture is not to be shaped with subjective opinions of our own experiences. Feelings lie. Instead discover God’s truth (timeless) and let it shape your life. Study with an open heart. Invite God to conform you to his will.

Pastor Rick Warren

Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA (949) 609-8000