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Holy Wind



(Stained glass image taken from an apse of the St Peter’s Basilica by Gian Lorenzo Bernini circa 1660, Wikipedia)

Last night I feel like I was given a treat. The Fox Movie Channel was showing GRAVITY back to back. Have you seen it? It’s the full length cinema staring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney that I had not seen. What a marvelous story!

What can such a film and our study of prayer have to do with that? Well, without giving away anything of the plot, let me just say, Science Specialist Dr. Ryan Stone, admitted she never was told how to pray, but when back, she whispered, Thank you!


According to theologian Rudolf Bultmann, “There are two ways to think about the Holy Spirit: ‘animistic’ and ‘dynamistic’. In animistic thinking, it is ‘an independent agent, a personal power which like a demon can fall upon a man and take possession of him, enabling him or compelling him to perform manifestations of power’ while in dynamistic thought it ‘appears as an impersonal force which fills a man or woman like a fluid’. Both kinds of thought appear in Jewish and Christian scripture, but animistic is more typical of the Old Testament whereas dynamistic is more common in the New Testament. The distinction coincides with the Holy Spirit as either a temporary or permanent gift. In the Old Testament and Jewish thought, it is primarily temporary with a specific situation or task in mind, whereas in the Christian concept the gift resides in man permanently.”(From ‘Jesus and the Word’, London, 1952)

Prayer then, is sincere Holy-Spirit conscience giving place and showing detracting or revealing thoughts that draw or repell awareness of His presence. We learn by practice. And eventually we catch on. Our space capsule is the Church.

OVERCOMING IMPOSSIBLE DEMANDS – Youth granted wisdom to be saved. (8-26-16)

Imagine, we are alone somewhere orbiting the earth, in the Russian Soyuz capsule, going 17,000 MPH, some 250 miles up. Having had only 2 weeks training with reentry, and are about to panic. A simple whisper about never learning prayer brought help.



TEAM PRAYER – Social media church. (8-31-16)

The lost mission commander, George Clooney, appeared at the hatch, tapping to come in. He is allowed in with nonchalant instructions that comforted as well as motivated.  As if an angelic visitation, he is gone. The mystery enables the glorious climax.

ETERNAL REST‘ – Video. (9-19-16)



She swims to the shore, kisses the mud, says Thank you, and slowly stands up. Oh, the wonderful firmament of earth’s gravity! Having been even months without it, the mere effort of standing up is a struggle — we get this, but she prayed! (Thank You)

WORLDVIEW TWEEK – Our nation’s future depends on this. (10-2-16)

After the movie, the news media had to wow me with its stupid sexual allegations . . . and now our helpmate called a meeting about the family plans for Thanksgiving, which thankfully won’t include us. And that is a worldview tweek we are okay with.

CONTEMPLATING AMERICA – How to pray for America. (10-10-16)

Fall weather is stimulating. It’s quiet, it’s cool, and the stress from neighbors is relaxed (with leaves all over the bad looking grass, the yard is peaceful). Our focus is on spring cleaning — the fall weather is permitting us to so struggle gently here.

I have given the national news a break. Only our loving Father can be trusted. All our prayers prayed, we can now trust heaven to come down. All of the above titles represent the most recent posts from my other, older website. Prayer is the theme.

How can we ultimately discern the truth? Only Jesus said how. He, himself is Truth. And his word is true Covenant. Can we learn the truth? Yes, by dedicating ourself to him and his agency, the Church. The Church, having both Scriptures and tradition, is the believer’s authority. (Jn 14:6; Is 46:19; 65:16; Jn 5:39, 40)

Prayer then, is sincere Holy-Spirit conscience giving place and showing detracting or revealing thoughts that draw or repell awareness of God’s presence. We learn by practice. And eventually we catch on. Our space capsule is the Church . . . put yourself in Dr. Ryan Stone’s place. (This may be easier for some, if not all.)

But relate to God in even the most distant way . . . he is still right there for you. Just greet him. Your heart will catch his present closeness . . . stop denying him. Accept Him and seek his benefits for you: love, joy, peace is yours in him. Just believe, just trust. You can have his personal revelation even now.

Charles Bundschu


(If you read this before I link the prayer-hub for your convenience, you can just go to this link: http://doingjourneytogether.wordpress.com/about  and scroll down to the last five articles.

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First Saturday in Lent


Today, Saturday, our RCIA class goes to the diocese’s Holy Spirit Catholic Church of all the churches, so I am feeling blessed to go with my sponsors. I wanted to post last Tuesday’s event of Fat Tuesday, and wrote something about Ash Wednesday and St. Valentine’s Day, but I tapped the upper left “x” and it deleted. [That really upset me, but that’s what happens when self-hosting my own blog–so I bit the bullet.] So sorry! (Please forgive me)

I am learning to take responsibility for my actions with respect for the privilege of still having a blog to write. This is keeping my mind active, and my heart listening to my conscience’s God-channel. Prayer is key. Above is my prayer station. I am also blessed with such a comfortable bedroom-office. . .(but this is not supposed to be about me). Mother Mary is in here too:


Mother is present at my rosary prayer station to bless me with a gentle assurance.

Can I not have a powerfully growing ministry of prayer since becoming Catholic? Since I am losing my transportation—my astuteness has slipped and I agree with spouse that I am not a safe driver. Church online, and prayer time discipline of two hours and 24 minutes (tithing of 24 hours) has been working and enables me to do multiple duties around the house (thanking God continually).

I have been hearing from God to write my autobiography. This may develop into a novel with characters and their dialogue. Similar to last Christmas’ blog post, I changed all the names of our small family to resemble bible characters. That was successful enough to get a positive response from our main family sponsor.

I just heard that it can have my favorite song attached: even to be the title:

God rest you merry gentlemen,

Let nothing you dismay;

Remember Christ our Savior

Was born on Christmas Day;

To save us all from Satan’s power,

As we have gone astray;

O-oh tidings of comfort and joy,

Comfortand joy,

O-oh tidings of comfort and joy.”


No, we can’t use that song title (as it is copyrighted), so, the words can be made Jewish with the character names taken from public domain. Is this good to you? It can work for me—we’ll just play it by ear. Hopefully the storyline of my life won’t conflict or take away from actual scripture, since the point of writing this is to use my events as an illustration for readers to be motivated to check in the bible how actually does the truth parallel my life.


My story must parallel human history: What came first? That’s not hard, but how we got here, may be of interest to family readers. [Even if my book manuscript can be published cheaply, and it can help one family member be moved toward their redemption, my life will have been worth living…legacy worth telling.

A simple character with common features we can relate to, and his or her holy name, (ever notice how many people are named after saints?). I can do that, even with my new patron saint, Anselm of Canterbury.

So, this article will be the last for a while, as I am hearing I can have fifty days to write such an original (novel) autobiography. We can do it, with your prayers and God’s help.


Oh, bye the bye, that first Saturday of Lent, my sponsor did remarkably introduce me to our bishop, a very personable leader in our diocese. I was led to share with him how I was baptized some 55 years ago. That made an impression because I was not able to find any documentation of it.

So, following the election service, where each of us were anointed by him, we walked by him seated with our pastor, Bishop Robert Baker pulled me gently aside to remark how I might require a provisional baptism. The pastor agreed, and we all agreed. Anyway, I was told not to worry, it will happen.(That was February 17.)

It happened as a pleasant surprise to me that on my birthday, March 28, during the vigil practice, I was called to stand and have my baptism before the class and all their families—it was as public as could be. Everyone applauded and accepted the provisional baptism. [My full communion certificate indicated the correct original date of Mother’s Day 1962.]

The week before, I was quick to be in line for my first confession. I was quickly absolved of all 105 sins I listed according to a website called, guide to good confession (nationalcatholicregister.com)

I felt really good for having prepared to mention the most guilt-laden sins first, and in 10-minutes, 55-years of sins were gone. PTL!

We praise Almighty God for his merciful lovingkindness. He has blessed us with his everlasting grace! I have obeyed God leading me to his true family…as well as the recalling my catholic family heritage, for every one who will follow me. (Thank You!)

Charles Anselm Bundschu


[Song words from c.1760, are used with permission according to US Copyright Law, Fair-use provision, and WikipediaCommons, nothing stolen, nothing profited, and credits given.]

Holy Pit Stop – video

Trinity Broadcasting Network is available here for your viewing pleasure. May your Easter anticipation remember how you were brought up into this world. We remember Good Friday as an extended nap-time, and mom telling stories of Jesus dying on a cross. Whatever that meant, we didn’t know. But when dad came home from his job, we asked him if he had a good Friday.

. . . Today, we are well into Lent, and because I am being ushered into the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, every day for forty days we read, hear, watch more about the wonderful love of God and his plans for everyone to be there with his only Son on the Cross of Calvary.


I just have to share with you how I was pushed into this direction. We moved here in Madison in North Alabama to be closer to our favorite grandchildren, and as we raised their parents to be baptized in and educated in the associated church school.

I was divorced and newly separated from military service with almost fifteen years, when my new employer recommended going to a local singles group in a non-denominal Christian fellowship. There, we met. She had three children, worked as cashier in a local international ministry, and was looking for a helpmate.

I felt I was qualified. And so I prayed about marrying into her small family. She was a pretty woman, and my attraction to her brought me to God every day for two weeks. I remember God answering me. He said clearly YES! But only as I was to be helping her. That made sense and I proposed before anyone else in the small social circle we had met. She did have a few other good-looking young men-friends lined up. I did not delay, and in two month’s time, God’s grace brought us together legally: Married in the “Overcoming Faith Fellowship” church. Only the assistant pastor officiated, and his wife as witness — but it was a valid marriage. [I learned this early in my quest to join the Catholic Church locally.]


But, and get this, the universal (catholic) church cannot accept marriage as divorced to a divorced person. Oh no. I was a doubly sinful, adulterous person! What could I do now? Good news! The Catholic Church teaches how God loves sinners. They have a process for us sinners, by filing a claim to the religious tribunal who exist to officially determine the validity of each marriage.

So Entering RCIA, I spoke with the deacon responsible for this and was given assurance that as my marriages appear to both be religiously valid, meaning not legally annulled, there is still another way to proceed: See the priest, confess my sin, and do penance with contrition , and be absolved of such serious sin. Whatever that meant, I felt eagerly willing to do it. (Thank you God!)


Meanwhile, back to finishing this; I am convinced the Catholic Church (Universal) will lead the world into the last great revival. Everywhere I look, I see the huge movements of people! The people are in mass—greater than rock concerts—much like the million people reached in Africa by Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke, Christ for All Nations! ( TBN Praise the Lord, Benny Hinn)


I have a confession to make here, dear reader-follower [or follower-reader]. My hope, this Sunday morning, after attending the Second Sunday of Lent, thankfully, is that my motive for writing anything is coming back and slapping me in the face!

I am not a scholar, and never said so—nor ever let it be said that I am. I learned to write in the military when attending the 23 week US Army Officer Candidate School. They gave a class on the “Disposition Form“; and I learned how to write direct instruction and “Five Paragraph Orders”. [There, that wasn’t so long ago that I couldn’t remember it. (1972)] And, why should I blog this? (You may ask)


Oh-ho! No, not that! The Church wants me to scrutinize my whole Christian life in order to enter the “Full Communion” of Catholicism. . .as pastor mentioned this morning — to eliminate sin in my life.

. . . It’s like when Billy Graham gets to the Pearly Gates, will they open automatically, or will he have to know the password to digitally enter and open it? (Is this a joke?)


But that’s different than self scrutinies that I need to learn and learn quickly. [My whole Christian life has revolved around famous televangelists and their ministries.]

My sins should be all bagged up and ready to drop off my shoulders, when I enter the confessional, but that’s not like Jonathon Edwards has told either. Some more thought has to be given to this, so hear about this — to even tell me I’m wrong:

According to catechism, the Ten Commandments are divided into 2-parts. The first three are are combined into: Love God with all your heart mind soul and strength. While the last seven is condensed into: Love neighbors as yourself.

So, I need to confess only all transgressions that apply, right?

. . . Wrong!

Our RCIA director gave us a 4×5 card that tells us what to say and how to say it. Simple, right? The key is imagine facing the Lord himself, with him already knowing my faults — even most grievous faults. [Oh, I am not looking forward to doing this!]

Alright, even three major sins. Just like the card shows three blank lines. It’s a start. That’s somewhat comforting. Right? [LOL, using two lines just for the two most absolute worst things, I’ve ever done. Good]


Here is one sin I admitted to my father that he never spanked me for doing . . . dropping the atom bomb. Playing with a catholic neighbor, we decided to bomb our block. We constructed the bomb by putting heavy rocks in a three gallon bucket, and decided to load it up into the bomb-bay.

Since I determined I was the pilot, I picked a large tree and asked the bombardier to hand it up to me when I climbed up into the first branches, and he said Okay.

I climbed up, he handed me the heavy bomb, I lifted it carefully as high as I could and hung it on the first limb I saw . . .

Before I could climb higher, I told the bombardier to climb higher, but without assuring him it was safe to do so. So he started to climb when the branch broke, the bucket fell, and hit my playmate square on the head — just as I yelled,


I never heard such a loud cry for mommy before. My catholic friend fell down with a bloody head, screamed bloody murder, got up running for his house. It was then I knew I was in trouble, deep trouble.

That actually happened when I was about eight. I may have been innocent, and I fully expected a very hard spanking, but instead, I was punished more reasonably by being taken to our neighbors house, and to say I was sorry, and be assured of his survival. I wished I got a spanking. That’s easier.

Well, thanks for reading about my serious sin that may sound funny, but I have always regretted doing such a wicked thing to another, especially a friend. I don’t remember ever playing with him again.


You get the idea anyway. I have to tell you more about confession next time.

May your prayers be answered before you ask them.

Charles Bundschu III


Prayer for Freedom

*Where I grew up. There are at least two people I know here, that are from there. And I always believed I couldn’t get here from there. But now I’m hearing I can’t get there from here. (Go figure.)

A Christmas Gathering by Frank

Taken at our family Christmas gathering place to rememberOUR INCARNATE FAMILY CHRISTMAS

[Christmas with family this year was left up to the weather. We’ve been keeping in touch with Our Father in heaven; my RCIA class sponsor assured me that my mass attendance obligation, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, was more grace-filled than the announcements. I kept saying it will snow, and wife said, sunshine is her sign to go travel across the state. . .in the flesh.]

Well, I attended early mass ONLINE both days, and it was sunny to begin with, so our hopes were up. BUT! A funny thing happened on the night before Christmas. I was awakened to learn the younger grandchildren, Amos and Lavonah, were coming over to spend the night. That was alright with us, like–how God can we be so favored?–although not planned, their visit was a joy for us. I slept undisturbed, Salome, my wife, chose to sleep a few hours on the love seat.

The teens, college and high school age, had a spat with their mother, Martha, who was ex-wife of their deceased dad, John, our son, and took the advice of their aunt Ruth, and grandma, my wife, Salome, to let their mom, Martha, play Santa-elf by herself at a safe distance. So, they both drove their own cars over and filled up our driveway. A plot for a Christmas family-gathering was beginning to thicken. While I slept, the (sugar plum) kids rushed in (my dreams).

While I slept, to help resolve their differences and remaining neutral, my wife Salome, their grandma, wisely gave them both space in the back room to settle their differences without getting involved, as their mom, Martha, still has legal rights over them, but seemed to have made threats and upset them both. They had just come off of a Mediterranean cruise together, and needed a break from each other, or relief from being cooped up for a week on a ship. (That happens to the best of us.)


So, after a big breakfast, off we went, in the sunshine, to share the long ride in the granddaughter, Lavonah’s new car across the state. We could not have planned for a better time together. It became a nice break for all of us. It was good to bring both sets of grandchildren together. We rubbed elbows, ate a very practical meal, and got home before dark! A real accomplishment…with gifts! (A big pair of thanks for all the planning of son and daughters for all the grandkids and us!)

The spirit of our family showed its ugly head again when everyone was served and seated, someone said to the host, James, Are we going to pray? And various snide comments came up like what? And No, we are informal here! And, God is good, bless our food. If only we did acknowledge the specialness of the event. I woke up this morning thinking about that, there was grace, even with us unregenerate souls.


After returning home before dark, two memories really stand out. The game of sharing gifts was fun, easy and rewarding. All nine of us were positioned around the living room coffee table taking turns throwing a single die to turn up numbers one through six where we were told to choose a gift, pass it left or right, keep, and so on. Everyone got several gifts and no one knew what gifts they got till all the gifts were taken–finally distributed. [Good gifts like coffee cups, nonstick fry pan, hot chocolate, etc.]

The other spontaneous enjoyable treat was our daughter Ruth, between Salome and me, who led the kids, Amos in right seat, and Lavonah driving, in songs they had learned from their dad, that was fun to sing together. Salome said she watched Amos sing out in abandon with joy. The songs came from the Irish rock band U2 lyrics. It appeared they enjoyed it and even healing was felt. Thank God.


Today, after morning prayer, bible reading and online mass, I was ready to go exchange the Brazos boots I had asked for to replace my old Carhardtt Boots, They cramped my bigger foot at the top of big toe joint. (They were shown in a former blog.) So today, we went directly to the only store that apparently carries them, and found the next size available. one pair left thank you God!

That store, only three miles away is where our oldest grandson, Joseph, works. His aunt, Ruth, our daughter, promised to get them for my Christmas gift. She was willing to pay big bucks for boots for me. But I was shown, as I looked through several local stores, there are more practical boots that are manufactured with quality materials to wear just as long and look just as good. . .

I turned down her offer initially. Then I measured my feet to learn the ball-park size of my left foot which is smaller than my right foot. [Daughter tells me everyone’s feet are each different sizes.] I found the cheapest good looking boot, took its picture, sent it with the size.

This was simple enough, for daughter Ruth to shop on line, make the purchase, and bring to the party at her brother, James’s house. But the only store that carried that boot was where nephew, Joseph is employed. So, she sent him the money to buy the boots and bring them to the party, which he did. (God’s grace is shown here.)

So at the party I received them exactly as I had ordered them. Glory to God! And I put them on even to wear them while eating dinner. After dinner, and departure, my right foot was screaming! I had forgotten how much bigger the right foot is. And I remembered the Red Wing Store philosophy. They always recommend the next size larger with an insert. (That’s key!)


We were also blessed with new hardware and software. By the grace of God and the daughter Ruth’s ability to do this for me, you can view some improvements that only God and his grace in real relatives can provide. Called iPad Wi-Fi, it is lighter, slightly smaller, but twice as smart (from the old iOS-9 to the new iOS-11.) Praise God for family favor!

Let me sum this up by saying how planning for special holiday feasts, religious or otherwise, is too much for us elders. Let grace be surprising. Actually, because of past planning failures, we were willing to not have any family Christmas at all. Yet, alas, our lives can still be open to share our hearts honestly with God’s help to support a small gathering worth celebrating.

The miracle of Christmas is the marvelous birth of Jesus Christ. It’s mystery is what enables all of us to live, love, and laugh together with faith-believing in God, hope for a purpose pleasing to God, and love for and of God to others through a godly family. Such wonders are real, but are sometimes only found through trials and troubles. . .Enough for now.

May the Lord richly bless everyone.

Frank Ketoret (Charles’ boss)

Email: insencefrank@yahoo.com Twitter: @wordlifejournal Facebook: BundschuIIICharles

[DISCLAIMER: “This blog post is based upon actual events, the names have been borrowed because only the bible can relate them. For all others, the events are purely fictitious. Any similarity to any person living or dead is merely coincidental.”]

The Thrill of Holy Thanksgiving

Hot teacup in the fall sunshine!

Afternoon tea in the fall sunshine on the porch produces steam (iPhone photo)

This morning, I was wakened by a dream because it was so exciting that my soul was jumping up and down. The basic elements were, I was with creative, musical friends, we were rehearsing a performance, and the Holy Spirit fell on us. It was the kind of excitement I haven’t felt since the film theme, I am a man of constant sorrows. (YouTube.com)

My dream was unusual as I was caught up in the Spirit. It was exciting, good clean fun. It woke me at 3 AM. I used the (water closet) and laid in bed for two hours trying to understand my dream. Like, It’s hard to explain, unless you can relate to the movie that came out of the story written in 1913, and published in 1928. A popular folk song that the south proudly claims some spiritual, bible-belt glory for.(Wikipedia.org)

The day is different because we went to wife’s doctor, and I thought about that even before getting up. It took an hour to see his assistant and get a good enough blood count to come back again in six months. Even that was worth celebrating.

We had lunch at a popular bakery-cafeteria and marveled over the pretty holiday decor throughout the room. I had time to check my email and Facebook wall. The new iPhone is a vast improvement over the last one (even 6 times better). (This is written with it) . . .


A simple request for prayer from whom I pray for daily, said they are safe and that their nation is suffering revolts and a military coup. I did not hesitate to share some words of encouragement that he always acknowledges thankfully.

Today is also meeting for church new member initiation called (RCIA). I remembered to call my assistant sponsor, and he said he’s up to it. I am so very pleased with all the positive change that Catholicism has made. My own challenges are to deal with clearing up all past sin which incidently, the Protestant church has no apostolic solution for. I’m looking forward to experiencing that! [My sponsors {both} called unable to give me a ride.]


It was like a bad dream that I was unable to make RCIA class last night. My heart spoke that I was to get ready and have bookbag and jacket ready to leave. As I waited, I emailed the class coordinator to excuse me from missing class; and standing there in the front room, porch light on, hoping to have a ride show up miraculously . . . turned on the TV . . .


This is my personal blogpost that I am privileged to take time to record my unusual life-events, even to share their meaning for all others who may or may not know me personally. But what I hear to share, I need to share. (As long as I get chores done, the wife is free to do her hobby while I do mine.)


The movie that was playing that I found to watch, was an old favorite! You know, the kind that stops everything, and makes you watch religiously — even without popcorn and candy — For such a movie I will fast anyway! Have you seen this?

I was very disappointed not to go to class, but to get to see the entire film was a gift from God. Instantly my disappointment vanished as I checked how long it played, and realized my prayer time would not conflict — I had already prayed the rosary in the afternoon. (And Mother assured me that it counted). Grace!

The plot has a twist that I can never quite figure out. But the story works! Even if the heroic protagonist dies in the end and comes back to life miraculously; I find myself willing to accept what I was taught in writing fiction–even the partial resolution of the conflict is OK. And even the song, Be happy, everything’s goin-ah be all right, helps viewers return to reality. (Godinallthings.com)


Obviously, the writers of this movie really stretched the viewer’s imaginations. The details of the circumstances were put together in such a way as to be believable, and that’s all that matters. It was sad to see how the destruction of some 500 souls was shown, but that added to the gravity to the real event, and made the movie great—can we even imagine all the planning and work it took to put such a terror-attack scene together? Wow! (And, double-wow!)


235 “This paragraph expounds briefly (I) how the mystery of the Blessed Trinity was revealed, (II) how the Church has articulated the doctrine of the faith regarding this mystery, and (III) how, by the divine missions of the Son and the Holy Spirit, God the Father fulfills the “plan of his loving goodness” of creation, redemption and sanctification.”

236 “The Fathers of the Church distinguish between theology (theologia) and economy (oikonomia). “Theology” refers to the mystery of God’s inmost life within the Blessed Trinity and “economy” to all the works by which God reveals himself and communicates his life. Through the oikonomia the theologia is revealed to us; but conversely, the theologia illuminates the whole oikonomia. God’s works reveal who he is in himself; the mystery of his inmost being enlightens our understanding of all his works. So it is, analogously, among human persons. A person discloses himself in his actions, and the better we know a person, the better we understand his actions.” (Vatican.va)

The teaching published as the Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us mystery is written into all the miraculous events of the Gospel. However, this does not make church tradition any less real or untrue. This is why such context is made by faith.

The point I believe, is to effectively tell the true claims of Jesus Christ within his contextual history. The timing, events, and persons involved really help. He was described to confirm such claims. And we are faced with accepting or rejecting them by faith alone. He said, Believe Me. So we believe. [Present tense of an action verb in English; but in Greek it becomes the passed or perfect tense, that means continuous action.] (Wikipedia.org)

The reason I value the Catechism of the Catholic Church is that it is so highly documented over all the years. Only the Vatican library can excel the documentation of the Bible itself. Oh, the Bible record is documented, but original sources are non existent in some places. [In other words, we have to trust a scribe copyist version as close enough to original.]


This post may have begun with a lot of exciting hype, but it has led us into a reality of mysterious circumstances. I was disappointed that I was kept from going to RCIA class, but now having just heard from our class coordinator, we can enter Thanksgiving week forgiven and forgiving. (I was not disappointed to see the movie!)

I am truly thankful for all parties who are supporting me to become Catholic Christian. The challenge is to learn the truth. My dad used to say, You cannot know another man’s poverty until you let him walk in your shoes. [Or, “You feel sorry having no shoes until you meet a man with no feet.”] Well, this applies to my situation: My poverty is depending on the church to get me in the family — knowing I can depend on volunteer, faithful sponsors who are well and have dependable, safe transportation. [I asked, and I received].

May the grace of God fill your heart with love this holiday season!

Charles Bundschu III


[Note: Permission to share quotes from the Catechism of the Catholic Church was granted 1-3-2017 by D. Giuseppe Costa as director seqreteria of LIBRERIA EDITRICE VATICANA]



The Captive Daughter of Zion, from Pinterest.com by Robert Lentz, OFM, “Mother Mary pray for us.”

[Editor note: Writer is an independent opinion source not authorized by church or state.]

From Trinity Stores crew, I found this wonderful iconic design to express this week’s inspiration. I had an unusual song break into my conscience as I was getting out of bed yesterday. I looked it up and found the lyrics. “Blow the trumpet of Zion, Zion; sound the alarm on the holy mountain. . .” You know the tune, right? It’s powerful enough to get us going!


Isaiah 52:1-2 NIV, by Andrea Howey, (Pinterest.com)

An image of Mary, as Pope Francis says in homily, The beautiful image of Mary by Esteban Murillo, is for the “solemnity of our holy Mother of God.”(Wikipedia)


We went out in the rain for a Friday tour through the Historic District around downtown. Springtime is so pronounced that life practically hit us in the face with it’s beauty. We had just bought our lunch, and heading for the park on California, when I heard the faint melody in my heart (conscience). I looked it up as a lyric of Karen Carpenter, and it was first.

Let me see, it was Monday morning, getting out of bed, that I heard the Israeli melody for Sound the Alarm. And today, a melodious theme song. This doesn’t happen all the time. And, it happens the same way that I hear from God. What is happening here? My prayers for Holy Spirit fellowship are being answered. . .or there is an important message here!


My search for appearances of our Holy Mother Mary found a total of 295 sightings reported, and only twelve of which are approved. The latest was in May 2008, for of 17th and 18th century apparitions. (CatholicOnline) The list goes on — The Mary app shows fourteen by date, from Guadalupe, Mexaco in 1531, to Medjugorje, Bosnia-Hercegovina in 1981.

“Mary’s whole task is to lead people closer to Jesus. The more we get to know her and have a fervent devotion to her, the better she can lead us to her Son. For this reason, the Second Vatican Council states, ‘Everyone should have a genuine devotion to [Mary] and entrust his life to her motherly care.'”

 (See the The Mary app)

The bottom line here, is the Blessed Virgin appearance to the Jewish people in the Nazi concentration camps, to the Nazi captors, and to all persons present at several locations, at several times. (See dates, places and times) Banneux, Belgium; there were so many unapproved appearances, that we might hear what the artist says about his painting design.


“For centuries Christians have called Mary the Ark of the Covenant. As they used other Jewish titles for her, seldom have they accepted the fact that she was a Jew. If Mary had lived in Nazi Germany, Mary would have been thrown into a concentration camp with other members of her race. 

“Jewish Mary is the archetype of the Christian church, a church that stood by silently while her people were being exterminated. This icon is an act of repentance for Christian indifference, then and now. 

“We shudder at what the Nazis did, but 1,000 years of forced conversions and violent persecutions by Christians paved the way for the Nazi Holocaust. When the exterminations began, most Christian leaders followed the example of Pius XII and kept silent, fearing that Hitler might attack Christian institutions if they spoke out.”


“While their leaders kept silent, a handful of Christians did risk their lives to help Jews. One of these was a Russian nun in Paris, named Maria Skobtsova. ‘If we were Christians we would all wear the Star,’ she said. ‘If the Germans come looking for Jews, I’ll show them an icon of the Mother of God!’ She said.

“In this icon Mary wears a large yellow Star of David with the word “Jew” on her left shoulder. The Nuremberg Laws forced all Jews in Nazi territories to wear this badge. Jesus is wearing a prayer shawl over his Byzantine garments and is holding the Torah. The Hebrew inscription at the bottom of the icon reads: Captive Daughter of Zion, and is taken from Isaiah 52:2.”


“Anti-semitism is again growing in “Christian” countries, because it is easier to look for a scapegoat than it is to work for justice. The Madonna and Child stand before us as a challenge. We must never again stand by in silence. Never again can we claim not to know.” Said Fr Robert Lentz OFM.


Can citizens of the free world arm themselves with God’s armor, willing to die for Christ in the Holy Spirit of The Son of God, and stand up to all false religions, especially redical Islam, then a few more of us become saints while our nation begins to see to declare full-scale war — and deny juris prudence to enemy combatants. . .Sending them to an early grave!

As a praying Christian, I may be hearing from God about what to write weekly, interceding for hundreds of church leaders, and reminding all my family and friends that the last days are here, but no one will listen. If we can’t go back in time, at least we can take a lesson of history with us. 

“Wake up!” Isaiah the prophet calls with God’s voice. We have got to wake up!

Does any of this make sense to you? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the enemy has a somewhat successful word-of-mouth ad campaign — the Enemy has control of all rebellious persons. Rebellion to the Truth means acceptance of the Enemy’s lies. The ideology of evil is against the ideology of good. Satan is Islam’s god, called Allah.

How do we wage a holy war with Islam? We already are. Here is the Catholic Church’s plan. Start at ground zero. Call a meeting of all Islam’s leaders. Explain there is a new rule in our “free country“, that if you want to live here , you must abide by our laws. The choice is clear, go back to school, learn principles of being an American. America is not Islam!

If Muslims cannot choose to become American citizens and let their evil Islamic practices of false peace go, then they must be exported to their own homeland. It can’t be made any clearer. The seeds of radical Islam exist in the nest of holy Muslim  hearts. They teach their children to believe the lies of Muhammed, and to hate America. This is common worldwide.


Pray for enforcable peace! The world’s system is corrupt, and always will be. The god of the world must yield to our Creator. Human beings are not gods, but can wisely choose to align with our God, yet only according to His plan. Believe the Gospel, and be baptized in your local Catholic Church. Having done this, by faith, you can put on the full armor of God, and join the family for freedom from fear of evil terrorism.

May the LORD bless and keep you,

Charles Bundschu

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Grafting Church

Available symbols on my desk that tell my story


A wonderful opportunity is presenting itself for this issue: The Tomtato plant which is framed over my desk is figuratively jumping up and down crying out to write about it, so I acknowledge to honor our Tomtato. . . This post has also gotten some good direction to explore further the continuing vision about the future of our Christian family — grafting two plants.

The above illustration was taken in spring as the sun was brighter, and the pet rock was so eager to be immortalized. A faithful paperweight to be sure, but it also reminds me of our function to love. It was a gift given to a small grandson because he said he wanted it. Represented a family relationship, the rock was worth telling about our love for children. 

My story today involves three points; the bullet, the pointer, and the shadow. All three can be found in the Grafting of the tomato plant with the potato plant. And of course this is a very humble representation of our Church today. But God is revealing all this to me to show us how He is alive and in complete control of human, current events. 


Bullets are proud symbols, but this one is humble aluminum made to contain electronic storage, as you can see the screw top line and the small hole in the bottom. The size of storage is two whole gigabytes, and it contains the long outline of the complete explanation of the Jewish Feasts. It was given me for attending the church interest group. It has some history.

The calibre of such a bullet size is about that of a 30-06 shell in length, but enlarged in diameter (there is no weapon for this size bullet). The function here is to point. To direct our eye down range from the bright stagelight that shows some unity with a direction. It appears to to be leaning back while it is mysteriously pointing down to the target center. 


This symbolic bullet-pointer is placed to cast a shadow upon the target center, if only to draw our eye to the rock paperweight that is bringing a message. The one-word message is what I originally thought made the photo meaningful, but now, the means of this objective carries more weight. The contrast of light and shadow is less noticed by design.

The environment of full daylight and dark shadow speaks of something else that our lives require more time and investment. A child knows nothing of light nor darkness, but accepts their existance and learns to follow its direction. We are hunting for a greater significance for the sunlight, the bullet, and the rock paperweight. We find it in the shadow. 


The bullet focuses our attention by directing its shadow into the center of a target-like letter of a word written on a granite stone. Without the shadow, without the sunlight, we might just miss the bullet’s function altogether. The bullet is made for killing, and for defense from killers — a weapon. The shadow its existence casts is a passive but assertive function.

Like the steeple of the local church that peacefully points to the heavens, our bullet points to the very message of our church. The message of power beyond our weapons . . . love transcends every evil darkness. Evil darkness is able only to speak to all men who choose to walk in darkness, but ‘All the power of darkness is unable to blow out a single candle’.

Now to the grafting of the tomato and potato plants. The Pomato Tomatoes  grow above ground in full sunlight, while the potatos grow below the surface of the ground in total absence of light or in shadow. They are easily grafted together at the ground level and both feed each other of necessary nutrients. I Googled it because of our print of a potted Tomtato plant. 


The future of church unity is detailed in a document called Vatican II. You may read about it here or go directly to the document itself which is openly posted online. Reading it is not difficult because it is documented like you’d think a church constitution should read. (taken from Grace Communion International, https://www.gci.org/history/vatican)

“On October 11, 1962, twenty-four hundred Roman Catholic bishops marched phalanx-style in rows of six through St. Peter’s Square. Behind them strode the College of Cardinals, followed by Pope John XXIII, seated in a massive chair and carried by attendants. The entourage went into the splendid basilica, and the prelates took their seats. Across the aisle sat observers from other Christian faiths, invited by the Pope to attend the proceedings. The Second Vatican Council — the 21st ecumenical council recognized by the Roman Catholic Church — was about to begin.(link shows all churches)

“Vatican II was the largest council gathering in the church’s history. The Council held 178 meetings in four successive years, adjourning Dec. 8, 1965. It produced 16 official documents. Several focused on ecumenism and unity with non-Catholic Christians. Pope John XXIII died in 1963, after the first session. The newly elected Pope Paul VI continued Vatican II with the same goals John had proclaimed.”

The above cgi article reads into the following areas of objection that seem to be common reasons nondenominational fellowships deny communion with Catholicism. If you agree with these objections, you are certainly not alone. But these points describe a wall between the Christian institutions and the Universal Church. The grafting process begins here.


“Papal authority and infallibility.

“Means of grace and role of the church’s sacraments.

“Relationship between Scripture and Roman Catholic tradition.

“Purgatory and devotions to the saints.

“Devotion to the Virgin Mary, her immaculate conception and bodily assumption.

“The real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

“Identity of the Church as perceived by Catholic dogma.”


I. THE CHURCH IS ONE “The sacred mystery of the Church’s unity” (Catechism Part One, Profession of faith, section 2, chapter 3, article 9, paragraph 3)  [www.Vatican.va]

813 The Church is one because of her source: “the highest exemplar and source of this mystery is the unity, in the Trinity of Persons, of one God, the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit.”259 

The Church is one because of her founder: for “the Word made flesh, the prince of peace, reconciled all men to God by the cross, . . . restoring the unity of all in one people and one body.”260 

The Church is one because of her “soul”: “It is the Holy Spirit, dwelling in those who believe and pervading and ruling over the entire Church, who brings about that wonderful communion of the faithful and joins them together so intimately in Christ that he is the principle of the Church’s unity.”261 

Unity is of the essence of the Church:


“What an astonishing mystery! There is one Father of the universe, one Logos of the universe, and also one Holy Spirit, everywhere one and the same; there is also one virgin become mother, and I should like to call her “Church.”262

“814 From the beginning, this one Church has been marked by a great diversity which comes from both the variety of God’s gifts and the diversity of those who receive them. Within the unity of the People of God, a multiplicity of peoples and cultures is gathered together. Among the Church’s members, there are different gifts, offices, conditions, and ways of life. 

“Holding a rightful place in the communion of the Church there are also particular Churches that retain their own traditions.”263 

The great richness of such diversity is not opposed to the Church’s unity. Yet sin and the burden of its consequences constantly threaten the gift of unity. And so the Apostle has to exhort Christians to “maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”264 


815 “What are these bonds of unity? Above all, charity “binds everything together in perfect harmony.”265 But the unity of the pilgrim Church is also assured by visible bonds of communion:

    • profession of one faith received from the Apostles;
    • common celebration of divine worship, especially of the sacraments;
    • apostolic succession through the sacrament of Holy Orders, maintaining the fraternal concord of God’s family.266

        816 “The sole Church of Christ [is that] which our Savior, after his Resurrection, entrusted to Peter’s pastoral care, commissioning him and the other apostles to extend and rule it. . . . This Church, constituted and organized as a society in the present world, subsists in (subsistit in) the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the bishops in communion with him.”267


        “For it is through Christ’s Catholic Church alone, which is the universal help toward salvation, that the fullness of the means of salvation can be obtained. It was to the apostolic college alone, of which Peter is the head, that we believe that our Lord entrusted all the blessings of the New Covenant, in order to establish on earth the one Body of Christ into which all those should be fully incorporated who belong in any way to the People of God.”268.

        Let me conclude here and now with these summary thoughts. . .

        Let’s say the bullet is our heart, the sunlight is God’s grace, and the shadow is the Holy Spirit focused upon the message of the Rock. The Rock then, has to be both Peter and the foundation of the church.(Mt. 16:18, 1Cor. 3:11, Eph. 2:20, 1Pe. 2:5,6; Rev. 21:14) [“Five different metaphors for the foundation of the church.” Bishop Robert H. Brom]

        The process of grafting two plants (or churches) together successfully, requires they are the same size in diameter. . .meaning, although their environment differs, the teachings, the nutrients, the sustenance are understood as easily appling to both organisms. In other words, when the conditions of the process are fulfilled, the desired result will happen.

        Finally, our viewpoint reverses. We are the Rock with the brand of love upon us, and are looking into the grace (sunlight) of God. God is revealing the one common denominator among all our fractured or dysfunctional bodies. The bullet. Remember how it represents our weapon for killing. . . and the grace of God is featuring it. But our weapons aren’t carnal.

        If all Christian Churches have our enemy in common, and the enemy is undefeated because we are not united against him, we will then acknowledge that our common enemy is keeping us in strife and unable to realize the reality of church unity. The defeat of our enemy is revealed in the dark side of the bullet. We can all agree to be obediently grafted together, and,


        Blessings of the second Advent,